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June 20th Internet of things news as early as know

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  Today [story]

  The combination of AI and enterprise computing will be a big opportunity. The combination of DataSet and Internet public data of large enterprises is the direction of training enterprise class “brain”.

  Tian Suning, chairman of broadband capital chairman, Lenovo Group

  First, [things] headlines

  Sino German cooperation to accelerate the field of intelligent manufacturing

  China"s industrial museum to add a new smart factory solution demonstration production line. The production line is the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the relevant agencies to build a joint study with the German company SAP, the initial formation of a new generation of Chinese manufacturing 2025 and German industrial 4 phase of the integration of the new generation of intelligent manufacturing technology as a whole solution.

  Two, smart home, smart city

  1 Shandong police investigation launched micro robot

  Robot comes with the camera, allowing remote control of the police through the screen to observe the suspect, but also to collect audio so that the police in the remote control to hear the sound in order to make accurate judgments.

  2.Here map will support the rechargeable site display

  Here and in Germany Hubject company signed cooperation agreement, through the information integration of both systems will be not only in here map display charging sites and can also indicate that the state is in charge and charging seat and other information.

  3 Smart City Development Forum held in Jiangxi

  Xinyu Municipal People"s government and HUAWEI, wave and other enterprises signed a strategic cooperation agreement. At the same time, Xinyu city will be “Chinese smart city development research center of Jiangxi inaugurated.

  Three, [intelligent manufacturing, robotics]

  1 Long March five rocket main force component to achieve 3D printing

  China Aerospace Science and technology by laser synchronous feed powder 3D printing technology successfully Changzheng 5 rocket titanium alloy core level binding test support rapid development, which is used in the technology for the first time in a large main force bearing section key component.

  2 school enterprise co construction ”i5 intelligent manufacturing institute“

  Both sides will rely on the Shenyang Machine Tool i5 intelligent manufacturing system to build ”i5 Intelligent Manufacturing Institute“, for ”made in China 2025 and internet intelligent manufacturing requirements, training, transport compound and practical talents.

  3 Wenzhou launch intelligent manufacturing three year action plan

  Plan proposed to build Zhejiang Province, made the goal of the demonstration zone. Strive to 2018, the city"s total industrial output value of more than 20 billion yuan of industrial output value reached yuan, an average annual growth of about 18%.

  Four, [communication, the underlying technology]

  1 Taiwan"s construction of Taiwan to join Ericsson"s first 5G Laboratory

  The cooperation between the two sides is far EasTone part of the construction of open 5G ecosystem strategy. Far EasTone plan before the 2020 commercial 5G, 5G testing began in 2018.

  2 Forbes teamed HUAWEI released 5G white paper

  The white paper is based on Forbes"s global survey conducted in the fall of 2015. The survey includes 1147 business executives from different industries. Of which 80% are enterprise “C-level” level managers.

  3 graphene in the area of the battery to meet the dawn of a million times the speed of the chip

  MIT researchers found that graphene technology can increase the rate of a million times the chip. This technology in the process of transfer and storage of data, the chip can be increased to a very high level of computing power.

  4 China radar penetration of the wall of the house scan imaging

  Our country has successfully completed the first all solid state terahertz imaging radar system, which indicates that THz imaging radar technology has reached the international advanced level.

  Five, wearable, intelligent hardware

  1 millet announced the August launch of millet VR

  Millet VR official announced millet and millet two strategic VR pictures. This year 8, September, that is, the scheduled release date of millet VR, a mobile phone will be released in support of Daydream.

  2 this wireless headset can be worn every day for a taste

  ELWIN Fit wireless headset can provide users with many accessories and Earmuffs Ear hanging. It has 48 ears to hang, can be combined to wear the choice of 180.

  3.Magic Leap and Lucas"s cooperation, to create Star Wars AR experience

  The two sides together to create the Star Wars experience, seen from the video, Leap AR using Magic technology, the virtual characters superimposed on the real environment.

  Six, [intelligent transportation, car networking]

  1 Rolls-Royce push unmanned concept car

  “The ultimate concept” unmanned vehicle concept 103 ex, with a single door tone control and engine wheel. And this car completely by voice control, virtual assistant can provide basic necessities of life and other auxiliary suggestions.

  2 Welsh fuel cell vehicle road test

  Hydrogen fuel automobile manufacturer Riversimple has announced its hydrogen fuel vehicles passing on the road, and has been with Monmouthshire County Council reached an agreement for testing.

  3 the acquisition of Valeo automotive transmission technology companies in Germany FTE group

  Valeo signed an agreement with Bain Capital, will be 819 million euros acquisition of Germany FTE group 100% shares.

  Seven, [cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence]

  Developed the domestic dragon Xinyun computing system 1 Shenzhen University

  Appraisal committee through the identification of SD-30 system: SD-30 is the first set of cloud computing system based on domestic 3B1500 processor core, reached the leading domestic level.

  2.DeepMind let the artificial intelligence training “ants”“

  The project is to train ants in the game will be the goal of the ball, in addition to DeepMind also create a distributed large-scale depth reinforcement learning system Gorila, the system has begun to

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