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2016 World Conference on Internet of things will be held on June 18th -20

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  China Securities Network News reported that the 2016 World Conference on Internet of things will be held from June 18th to June 20th in Beijing. Insiders pointed out that the Internet of things is a new generation of information technology is highly integrated and integrated use of a new round of industrial change and economic and social green, smart, sustainable development is of great significance. In 2016, things were written into the “13th Five-Year” plan, things have been quietly blooming spark.

  According to the Securities Daily June 17, reported yesterday, there are 25 things stocks outperformed the market. Among them, 19 stocks rose, the rich Reiter installed or topped reach 7.07% EasTone century followed, or to 5.96%, Hanwei electronics, Furi Electronics also rose in 4%, respectively, 4.23%, 4.1%, in addition, or home networking concept stocks have Shenghong Technology (3.22%), Sichuang medical benefits (2.71%), Huagong Tech (2.62%), pass rich micro electricity (2.48%), Tianze information (2.24%), Dafu Technology (1.87%), Huatian Technology (1.67%), Dongfang Electronics (1.01%)。

  Capital flows, according to the “Securities Journal” reporter observed that, yesterday 16 networking concept stocks showing large funds net inflow of the situation, eight stocks a large capital outflows into exceeded 1000 million yuan, the eight stocks were rich Reiter installed (20542.57 million yuan), and laborers Technology (11451.05 million yuan), and Sichuang medical benefits (6366.42 million yuan), and Furi Electronics (4908.83 million yuan), EasTone Century (4316.60 million yuan), and wins Hong Technology (2916.07 million yuan), Hanwei Electronics (1807.31 million yuan), Eastcom peace (1175.12 million yuan),.

  Different from the virtual world of the Internet, the generation and development of Internet of things is based on the real world of intelligent, networking based on the basis of a comprehensive mapping of the virtual + entity. After the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, the Internet of things and other emerging industries are widely considered to be the key strategy to deal with the crisis to revitalize the economy and the occupation of the future competitive advantage. Developed countries have introduced strategic planning and support policies, the rapid development of global Internet of things technology.

  And China"s IOT industry since the concept was completed to the present has reached a substantive stage of development, has formed a complete industrial chain, including chip, component manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, software vendors, system integrators, and telecom operators and other aspects. Some analysis that the successful application of the Internet of things technology is the key to determine the future development of the company"s future, China"s huge market space is expected to hatch a market value of billions of dollars of companies. At the same time there are experts predict that the Internet of things industry in 2020 will be a qualitative leap.

  In this regard, BOC International reiterated that the domestic industry of the Internet of things to be about to fly, communication module chip benefit from the advance, attention to Neusoft carrier; networking platform operators EasTone century is expected to directly benefit users peatlands. China Merchants Securities also believes that the Internet of things industry ushered in the development of opportunities. Key recommendation combination: EasTone century, Kyland Guomai technology, spin polar information; recommendations concern: Sheng Road, communications, Sichuang medical benefits, ZTE.

  In fact, entered in June, institutions of network shares the concept of attention rapidly warming, 17 stocks months eligible institutions to give a “buy” rating, at the same time, firms of 16 stocks future target price forecast, rose spaces from the point of view, Anne shares, Jinjia shares, Changjiang electronics technology, Fortis micro electric, Hagrid, communications and other five stocks share price rise space are in more than 50%, respectively, for 83.13% and 67.44%, 60.92%, 59.81%, 54.24%. And these five stocks, Fortis micro electric and Hagrid communication months both institutional research. Among them, Hagrid communication reception, including securities, overseas companies and other institutions, the four research institutions twice, Fortis micro power is much concerned about the QFII, June 13 JCP received two overseas agencies to carry on the investigation and study.

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