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Internet under an outlet: Internet of things is about to become the third wave of industry

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  With computer as the representative of the first wave of industry, the Internet, mobile communications network as the representative of the second wave of industry has been in the past, is now facing the third industry waves in the background of the Internet of things. A variety of intelligent equipment applications, people feel, are gradually spread to all aspects of society. Things are about to replace the Internet, the Internet is about to disappear, not a trend, but a reality.

  The Internet giant Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt at some time ago at the forum clearly predicted: the Internet is about to disappear, a highly personalized, interactive fun world, things will be born. In fact, the moment, smart home, smart devices are the application of the shadow of the Internet of things.

  Eric Schmidt also revealed that the future will have a huge number of IP addresses, sensors, wearable devices, and although it can not feel the interaction with the things, always with you.“ After entering the room, all kinds of things can be mutual induction, comprehensive automation, induction, this will be how a kind of intelligent state.

  According to a large number of cases proved that a variety of intelligent terminal applications are in the control of the smart phone to complete the implementation of this. Intelligent control of the refrigerator, the deployment of intelligent air conditioning, seems to be a new competitor to provide applications for smart phones. Smart phones have clearly become the actual application of the super computer, which is already a completely open market conditions.

  Intelligent technology devices triggered by the Internet, is widely used in social life. According to some foreign media data show that the 2020 Internet of things will bring at least $30 billion a year of market profits, then there will be 2 billion 500 million devices connected to the Internet, this trend will continue to grow rapidly.

  Things is not a trend, it is a reality, leading many technology companies manufacture products extended to the Internet of things technology. Samsung Electronics President and CEO Yin Fugen speech on the CES, the Internet of things as the direction of Samsung"s business. He also revealed on the timetable for the Samsung technology to support the Internet of things: by 2017, all Samsung TV will become the Internet of things devices, all Samsung emergency equipment within five years are supported by the Internet of things.

  Manufacturing giants are hoping to establish their own leadership position in the Internet of things. General Electric announced in October last year with a number of technology giants alliance to establish a networking alliance. The general move is to bring a variety of networking endpoints with intelligent.

  Global technology giants are stepping up the layout of the Internet of things, and this trend is becoming more and more obvious. By 2017, is expected to strengthen competition in the Internet of things, the first to enter the field of manufacturing companies will be significantly dominant. Things have come to create opportunities, seize the opportunity, so intelligent into life, become a trend, but also should be said to be realistic.

  Many families in the south are equipped with smart appliances, the door when the community is a sensor facilities, in fact, this is the performance of the Internet of things. And with the growing maturity of intelligent technology, the Internet of things is the trend.

  Intelligent big data has become the basic database of Internet of things. The Internet in the context of the data constitute the largest group of data, and these data become essential to the study of the industry statistics.

  With strong support of the Internet big data, a variety of system parameters have been long-term observation and continuous improvement and improvement efforts, apparently has been the birth of the Internet of things, to lay a strong data protection.

  These stable Internet big data parameters, but also the fundamental reason for the development of the Internet of things. Every step of the basic work is indispensable, of course, the Internet of things can not be separated from the support and protection of large data.

  After years of development of the Internet, a large number of applications of intelligent applications, has been widely used in all aspects of. For the lower part of the Internet of things development, leap forward, have laid a solid foundation.

  In the network, intelligent terminal connection, the birth of the Internet of things has become a reality, is gradually universal, the future trend is to strengthen the performance. And like Samsung, Google technology big companies in advance layout of things intelligent hardware equipment, but also to respond to the needs of development.

  The Internet is just a process, the Internet of things is the direction of the comprehensive automation of intelligent technology. Internet in more than 20 years to help people solve the information sharing. Interact, almost subvert a lot of traditional business models, such as the emergence of online shops accelerated the demise of the entity shop.

  According to some people in the industry said that the future does not have Internet companies, the future of each company has become a network companies. Can imagine, the future of social networking background, how advanced.

  Internet of things through mutual induction sensor, on the basis of the amount of the Internet, and once again upgraded to change. In fact, the concept of the Internet of things is just an extension of the concept of the Internet, the user and the object link up to become intelligent interaction between the characters. Information exchange and communication. Such a communication concept.

  The rapid development of the Internet, the Internet of things is the rapid manifestation of the field of science and technology. What will society be like in the future! Intelligent, automation, induction, can imagine what it would be a scene?

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