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The influence of the development of the Internet of things industry on the manufacturers of the heavy wheel of the paving machine

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  Paving machine support heavy wheel manufacturers to develop more can not be separated from the Internet of things industry. In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet of things industry. Since November 21, 2013, the first China Construction Machinery networking summit was successfully held in Nanjing, the Internet of things has become a hot word in recent years, the construction machinery industry. In June this year, the World Conference on networking conference will be held in China, 2016 is destined to be the year of China"s high-speed development of the Internet of things.

  The concept of Internet of things, as early as the end of twentieth Century by the United States proposed. The Internet of things through the radio frequency identification (RFID), global positioning system (GPS), infrared sensors and laser scanning information sensing equipment, according to the agreement, the any device connected to the Internet, communication and information exchange, so the implementation of the identification, location, and tracking and monitoring and management of a network concept. Mechanical engineering networking is refers to the use of global positioning system (GPS), mobile communication network, the Internet, the engineering machinery intelligent recognition, positioning, tracking and monitoring and management, the engineering machinery, operator, technical service engineer, agency, manufacturing plant and realize remote, remote, dynamic and all-weather “the connection of objects, connected to everyone and people associated”.

  Paver supporting wheel mechanical concept of things with the Xugong Group application of networking technology, development stalls paver heavy round of things, establishment of Xugong networking R & D center in the industry and is known. The concept of construction machinery is gradually accepted by the construction machinery industry. At present, each big brand construction machinery company will install GPS as the standard configuration, users need only according to the operating rules of machinery, all the other problems, such as maintenance, maintenance, repair, update, remanufacturing etc. can by solving the construction machinery “Internet of things”, truly realize the sale of construction machinery, lifetime management, lifelong service.

  Construction machinery enterprises will be in line with the world of things era?

  In the field of construction machinery, the current engineering machinery in the standardization of the Internet of things is not a unified concept. Relative to the car industry networking, and electronic manufacturing wearable devices, the state has introduced a lot of relevant standards, and few in the field of construction machinery. But for construction machinery enterprises, the whole construction machinery is still moving forward, there are a lot of new trends.

  For the machinery industry leader of Sany, as early as 6 years ago, Sany"s board of directors on the construction of digital chemical plant, began to explore the field of things. In an interview to the senior vice president of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. he Dongdong, he mentioned “trinity of sales in the 20 million pieces of equipment for the network, 200 million data generated every day, these data help us and constantly improve the level of research and development services, to win the market.”

  Application of the Internet of things in the direction of the branch of the spreading machine

  A class is to achieve remote control, to provide users with more efficient services. Thousands of thousands of miles away from the site, engineering machinery and equipment malfunction, all kinds of fault information data can be timely transmission to the manufacturer system control room, again by the expert will solve plan to return to the site, the final completion of the problem solving. Such as Sany to all appearance of the equipment installed intelligent terminal, also for after-sales service vehicles and service engineers equipped with intelligent terminals and smart phone, the user"s device and the trinity of service connected. The trinity by intelligent scheduling and user equipment failure, Trinity will scheduling recently engineers to provide timely service and parts delivery, Sany group by network greatly improves the quality of service, to restore the lost customers downtime caused by, saving service cost.

  Second types of uses is the big data. Engineering machinery can be collected to the huge amount of data, which is actually a gold mine, if the use of good, companies can be dug into a very substantial wealth. In the big data applications

  Paving machine support heavy wheel of the Internet of things has four development directions: first, improve product quality. Enterprises can be based on a variety of diagnostic data analysis products have no defects, to help research and development departments or quality management departments to enhance product quality. Second, the marketing strategy of assistant decision. Through the construction machinery networking can clearly understand the use of construction machinery around the world, the local economic development situation can be analyzed through big data, and then can be a reference to the enterprise"s marketing decision-making. Third, assistant decision making. By use of the equipment to analyze current region which models more, how to use, whether to need to add service outlets, often appear what parts of the fault is, whether the need to increase the spare parts inventory, these can be through the Internet to get help. Fourth, new product research and development needs analysis. Through the network analysis of the user"s habits of construction machinery network, can be used to meet the characteristics of new products for users to carry out directional publicity and recommendation.

  With the east wind of the Internet of things to achieve a greater degree of information and intelligent construction machinery industry. To Trinity Group, for example by construction of data platform, independent research and development establishment of large data storage and analysis platform, through the collection of data analysis and the needs of users, collation, analysis, a substantial increase in service ability. Three one group through big data analysis, to further optimize the turnover of accessories, in the guarantee of high quality service levels, inventory fell nearly 50%, forecast user parts demand, the accuracy rate increased by 25 percentage points.

  In addition, the application of Internet of things, engineering

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