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HS data to attend the spring Electronics Exhibition in Hongkong

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  April 2016 13-16, Asia"s largest electronics show, the thirteenth Hongkong spring Electronics Fair (ICT) and the Hongkong International Information Technology Expo held at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition center. Sharetronic data Technology Co., Ltd was invited to participate in the exhibition.

  Spring Electronics Exhibition by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council sponsored, has been held 13 sessions is one of Asia"s most popularity and authority of consumer class Electronics Show. The show favorable gathered, attract from 24 countries and regions, Hui together more than 3300 exhibitors, to show the world the latest electronic products information.

  Association for a data group carries creativity and intelligence to one of the main ginseng exhibits virtual reality integrated machine Omimo virtual machine of an organic whole VR and WiFi network camera attended the exhibition will by from numerous domestic and foreign exhibitors warmly pursued. With everyone"s hot, the team to create a data group for all the buyers to stop patiently explained. Whether it is on the hardware, or in the content, we will do our best to achieve a better experience to allow players to better immersive effect.

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